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4 Hour Continuing Education, 2014 National Electrical Code Article 210

Course Title 2014NEC210

2014 National Electrical Code Article 210

Branch Circuits

4 Hour Continuing Education

Course Outline



210.1 Scope

210.2 Other Articles for Specific-Purpose Branch Circuits

210.3 Rating

210.4 Multiwire Branch Circuits

210.5 Identification for Branch Circuits

210.6 Branch-Circuits Voltage Limitations

210.7 Multiple Branch Circuits

210.8 Ground-Fault Circuit-interrupter Protection for Personnel

210.10 Ungrounded Conductors Tapped from Grounded Systems

210.11 Branch Circuits Required

210.12 Arc-Fault Circuit-Interrupter Protection

210.13 Ground-Fault Protection of Equipment

210.17 Electric Vehicle Branch circuit

210.18 Guest Rooms and Guest Suites

210.19 Conductors Minimum Ampacity and Size

210.20 Over-current Protection

210.21 Outlet Devices

210.22 Permissible loads, Individual Branch Circuits

210.23 Pirmissible loads, Multiple-Outlet Branch Circuits

210.24 Branch-Circuit Requirements Summary

210.25 Branch Circuits in buildings with More then One Occupancy

210.50 General

210.52 Dwelling Unit Receptacle Outlets

210.60 Guest Rooms Guest Suites, Dormitories, and Similar Occupancies

210.62 Show Window

210.63 Heating, Air-Conditioning, and Refrigeration Equipment Outlet

210.70 Lighting Outlets Required



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